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Types of Pallet Racking Systems that are Available on the Market

Your business needs modern storage solutions hence you need modern storage systems in your warehouse. There are many storage ideas, but pallet racking has proved to be among the best. These structures increase the storage capacity of your small warehouse because they optimally utilize the space that is available. You will store more items in the limited storage space in your warehouse which saves on the storage expenses and increases profits. These are some of the types of pallet racking systems that will suit your warehouse.

The most popular type of pallet racks are the selective racks. Other pallet racks are more difficult to install than the selective racks. Load beams provide adequate support to the pallet structure to enable you to store heavy items. Selective racking enables you to directly access the pallets that are on the aisle structure using the forklifts. This racking system supports the use of FIFO to manage the inventory in a company. You can draw out pallets that are at any position on the selective racks without limits. You can pick items from the pallets that are on the lower level of the racks.

Push back racking is suitable for high-density multiple product storage. A product is pushed back on the rails to create space for another item to be stored. You unload products by pushing them to the front of the rails. It is appropriate for FILO system to manage the inventory. It limits storage to full pallets only. You with experience challenges in order picking when you’re using push back racking system. If you need to take and put away pallets frequently, you should not use the pushback racking system.

You can use narrow aisle racking instead of selective racking system because they have similar characteristics. Pallets are picked and deposited at the pick and deposit stations by turret trucks. You can use order picking machines instead of the turret trucks but us only one machine at a time when on the aisle. These racks are suitable for large amounts of goods that are moving in and out of the warehouse.

You can also install carton flow racks in your warehouse if you’re using FIFO to manage your inventory. Use it if you have a low number of pallets. You can access the pallets that are at any position of this racking system at any time once the racks allow loading from the rear end. Pallets that are at the lower levels of the racking system can be removed and placed back with no challenges.

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